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The policies that should be followed in the studies conducted at our university are gathered under the titles of “education policy, research-development policy, community services policy, management policy and quality policy”.


Education Policy 

SUBÜ, with the applied education model developed is a role model University in Turkey, which as a mission aims to produce science, technology and services of universal nature. 

Continuously updated education programs, which are shaped in line with stakeholder expectations and also supported by the "Digital Transformation Project in Higher Education" initiated by the Council of Higher Education, gain our students the opportunity to implement with the support of stakeholders.

Education policy of SUBÜ is “to ensure sustainability in education services based on universal criteria.”


Research and Development Policy

SUBÜ contributes to science by conducting research and development activities with its academic staff, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, guest and post-doctoral researchers.

SUBÜ's research and development policy is “to carry out scientific studies at national and international scale by producing solutions to the problems of the business world in cooperation with the sector”.


Community Services Policy

SUBÜ is a university that aims to raise human resources based on the knowledge and skills required by the age and society, and to add value to the society with its solution-oriented R&D services.

SUBÜ's community service policy is “to carry out works that add value to the society in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects, to make sure that all its processes and activities are beneficial to the society, to encourage its stakeholders for social responsibility activities and to act in accordance with environmental laws and regulations in its activities”.


Management Policy 

SUBÜ works to meet the expectations of its stakeholders and the society with its participatory management approach in line with its mission, vision, core values ​​and strategic goals. 

By establishing a student and process-centred system, SUBÜ aims to manage all its activities as a whole together with the environment, information security, student and stakeholder satisfaction management systems, to raise the human resources that the era and society require, and strives to create a corporate culture that supports sharing and participation of all employees through team work, which reflects the perspective appropriate for the knowledge and skill based workforce environment. 

The organization culture is strengthened through performance evaluation, promotion, empowerment and personal appreciation-recognition practices by tracing the improvements of the employees in SUBÜ. 

SUBÜ's management policy is “to make its decisions taking a transparent and accountable management approach with active participation of its stakeholders through sensitive, critical thinking and sticking to ethical values.”


Quality policy

SUBÜ is a university that has a total quality management approach and prioritizes learning and digital transformation.

SUBU's quality policy is “to be an institution that observes the satisfaction of its stakeholders and continuously improves all its processes with its total quality management approach”.  


Human Resources Policy 

Our university aims to attract competent human resources to our institution in relation to its mission, vision, values ​​and strategic goals and to become a preferred university to work  nationally and internationally. By raising qualified human resources that the era and society require, supporting the participation of all employees with teamwork, following the improvements of the employees through performance evaluation, promotion, empowerment, personal appreciation-recognition practices, which reflects the viewpoint appropriate to the knowledge and skill based workforce environment; in addition to education and research, our university aims to become a university that gives importance to human resources employment that is sensitive about social sensitivities, critical and attached to ethical values.



International Policy

The Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) considers internationalisation as an essential instrument for increasing the quality of research, teaching and communicating political and cultural vision. SUBU’s goal is to contribute to the European Union modernization and its internationalization agenda. With that in mind, it is intended to keep what already has been achieved in the institute, but also improve quality and the relation between education, research and cooperation. The aim is to increase the number of graduates facing society and market needs. Everywhere that SUBU presents itself as an entire institution, rather than individual departments, or that benefit arises through international networking, the object of the university management’s guiding measures is international cooperation. Based on strategic principles and the associated objectives, this strategy paper contains a catalog of measures, which enables compliance with fundamental guidelines within the diversity of international activities, and emphasis on certain features.