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Sakarya University of Applied Sciences (SUBU) will bring a significant change to the new academic year and graduate its students with a certificate of artificial intelligence and coding. The university also created digital lesson contents for each department.

Established as the second university of Sakarya, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences educates its students with the qualification required by the industry with full-time workplace education models (3 + 1 and 7 + 1) for at least one semester. The university also renews its courses within the scope of digital transformation.

The president of Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Prof.Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık stated that these changes will meet the requirements of the age. He said, “We update our courses according to the needs of the day and the future in order to provide our students graduate as qualified individuals. In this context, fields such as industry 4.0, digital transformation, artificial intelligence and coding become the priority for all our departments.  We attach great importance to the “Digital Transformation Project in Higher Education” initiated by the Higher Education Council (YÖK).  On the other hand, we apply the Entrepreneurship and Project Management course for KOSGEP Entrepreneurship Certificate. Turkey must be ready for global competitiveness and innovation framework with national and moral values ​​in accordance with the vision of the future. With this awareness and responsibility, we have completed our preparations with our young and dynamic staff and accomplished our strategies.”


Stating that the university has duties against science and society, President Mehmet Sarıbıyık said, “We have a strong cooperation with the industry, and as a result of this cooperation, our students are trained in the quality required by the industry. We send our students to full-time job training for at least one semester and ensure that they gain work experience before graduating.  In fact, most of our students get a job in the businesses they were trained. We conduct our training activities effectively with a motto that integrates knowledge with skill. We provide our students with project-oriented trainings that will support the career ladder. Our university is located in a liveable city, Sakarya, where one can have lots of social, cultural and economic opportunities. We welcome our students who will choose our university!


Job training project of SUBÜ, meets important needs for training of qualified individuals needed by the business world.

President Mehmet Sarıbıyık stated; “We trust our youth and carry out our trainings with a great family awareness. We are strong together. We will train more qualified and successful generations in every field and we will continue to shed light on the future of Turkey”

SUBÜ offered another service to the students during the university preference period. 

The students can see the base scores and the ranks of the universities with the software launched on the website Students can also access the pages of faculties and colleges and access detailed information about the departments they want to choose.