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Görsel bulunamadı!

Today, competitiveness in countries continues with the power of knowledge, the future of societies is evaluated with the success of education. In this sense, our country has an important place in developing countries with its young population ratio.

Universities in Turkey besides being a science-producing center, it also has the responsibility of meeting the need for trained manpower of the society. In order to contribute to the development of our country, it is a priority to train qualified manpower with the knowledge, skills and work habits to realize high productivity. Professionally trained manpower will contribute to the economy of the country and produce high-quality goods and services, as well as reduce the negativities that may occur.

Established in 2018 by leaving Sakarya University, our university contributes to various fields of interest in science and technology production. Combining knowledge with skills the University with the slogan is working with the sector to train qualified individuals who can respond to the changing needs of the world, professionally competent, critical and analytical thinking, high communication skills and practical skills.

Our University prepares its students for the future together with the sector with the Graduate Education Institute, Faculties, Higher Schools and Vocational Schools and with the +1 Education Model, which is based on the discourse of “practical important”.  In addition to the summer internship, our students are trained at least one semester and full-time in their respective fields while the university covers their insurance.

With this model:

- Students can make career planning, receive salary with government support, and have experience and work before graduation.

- Employers have the opportunity to avoid additional costs while meeting their human resources needs and to continue with university-educated students.

- The faculty members have the opportunity to produce solutions to the problems experienced by the business world, to update their lesson in line with the need, to create joint projects and to carry out R & D activities.

Turkey's "National Technology, Powerful Industry" in vision to perform suitable work; university-industry cooperation, digitization and works within the scope of domestic production. In this context, the lessons are updated with the sector according to the conditions of the day and the future, with the Industrial Ph.D. Program project initiated by TÜBİTAK, it conducts scientific studies that will solve the problems of industrial enterprises together with industrial institutions. With the Career Office established within the university, İŞKUR experts monitor the job opportunities of the university students and contribute to the students by providing pieces of training.

To create academic excitement from good to perfect with university-society-business world and international activity chain, to carry out studies for academic cooperation in order to increase the competitiveness of the sectors that will contribute to the opening of our country to the world, and to transform the information and R & D activities produced with intellectual knowledge into theoretical level.  In addition, the development and transformation of sharing mechanisms with society are among the main objectives of Sakarya University of Applied Sciences. 

We prepare our students for the future with an understanding that protects all the riches of the geography in which it is located, protects and develops its national values, carries it to the future in the light of science and combines the dynamism of our youth with the synergy.

Best wishes and sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Mehmet SARIBIYIK